Fantasy Darts, all year round

Fantasy Darts

We founded Fantasy Darts League as we follow the darts all year round yet there wasn't an app for us. So we made one. Build your portfolio of players and watch their value fluctuate in line with performance.

Buy low, sell high

Fantasy Darts League's player marketplace is based on:

  • Order of Merit position
  • Market demand
This means prices are performance based. Buy your favourite players at low prices and sell them when you feel they are overvalued. Everyone has an opinion on the darts - put your (virtual) money where your mouth is! You can check it out here.

Every Tournament

We track any tournament where players earn money - even non-ranking events. Fair weather darts fans may tune in for the World Championships but Fantasy Darts League means you can get involved in the lesser known events and Euro Tour matches and earn ranking money while you do it.


You are ranked based on how much prize money your players earn every tournament. There are all time and by tournament leaderboards. If the tournament is a ranking event your players will earn money for your account.

Play Your Friends

We use the old tried and tested fantasy league system. Create a league, generate a code and send it to your friends. This means you can compete against your friends every tournament to see who really knows best.

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